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Our Story

Modern Society was born through a series of pop-up stores in 2013. We wanted to offer diversified shopping experience, creative inspiration and to connect with those that share the same vision with us. Today our goal remains the same.
In 2015, we opened the doors to our flagship store in Shoreditch, London. In this space we work across different mediums from fashion and photography to hospitality. There's nothing we won't do. Collaborations are always welcomed and nurtured.
Summer 2016 saw the launch of Modern Society's eponymous label, which focuses on quality, wearability and modern simplicity. We love the feeling of unisex clothes, so we design with both genders in mind. The label exists outside of fashion seasons. We will keep adding to the line through out the year, so keep your eyes peeled.
2018 marks the start of our first global venture. Expanding into the US market, Modern Society has landed in one of L.A's most sought-after retail districts, Platform. Showcasing our most loved British brands and partnering with the likes of Psychic Sisters, an exciting new chapter awaits.