Maya Beano

Maya Beano is kicking off summer 2019 with her first solo exhibition at Modern Society's flagship store on Redchurch St, London. 
Maya Beano Sundown
Hailing from Jordan’s capital, Amman, Beano now resides in Cambridge, where she consumes her days working as a research scientist. While her journey as a photographer only began as a part-time pursuit, Beano felt a compulsion to consistently capture surreal moments on her travels.
Maya Beano Serenade
Isolated landscapes and vivid, off-beat colour palettes set the tone for Beano’s work, evoking a feeling of contemplation.
Speaking to The Portfolio Showcase about the harmonious flow of art and science,  Beano muses: “Both science and art involve a deep desire to understand the world and to interact with it in a meaningful way. Both are dedicated to experimentation, and failure is a normal part of this process.”
Maya Beano Lake Garda
“I treat my photos more like paintings, and the output is an amalgamation of my thoughts and feelings. It’s very self-involved, I know, but I just enjoy it so much. The creative process starts with a mental image, and the challenge is then to try to bring it to life.”
Maya Beano Projection
A curation of eight limited edition works will be exhibited and available for sale at Modern Society. Redchurch Street from June to October 2019.

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