Margaret Durow

subject. is a collaboration between Modern Society and If You Leave presenting a series of quarterly exhibitions focusing on emerging talent and contemporary photography.

The works will also be celebrated by an accompanying series of limited edition monographs, released as an extension of each exhibition.

The first exhibition will be with US photographer Margaret Durow.

Durow (1989) was raised in rural Wisconsin, where she began developing her photographic style from a young age.

There is a sense of nostalgia within all of her photographs, from the soft focus of her camera to the gentle presentation of her subjects.
She takes photos that are intimate and personal, while also bearing an element of relatability.

Often featuring herself as a subject, Durow’s work is overarchingly reflective in which she shares the romantic experience of looking at a photo from the past with the viewer.

Having developed a penchant for ecology, Durow went on to study a Bachelor of Science degree in Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies.
Viewing nature with the utmost importance, her studies informed her outlook, while photography became an outlet for expression.

Each depiction of the local landscape is ethereal and hauntingly beautiful. Exploring the transient nature of memory, photography has been utilised as a tool to preserve a feeling, giving her work an intimate and insightful quality as she documents the world around her.

The exhibition will continue in store until Wednesday 7th December.


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