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Le Kasha Tebes cropped linen top Top
Le Kasha

Tebes cropped linen top - White

$165.00 $330.00

The 'Tebes' linen top in white from Le Kasha.

An all-season versatile top that embodies design and quality to the core. Mid-weight linen ensures this dress is comfortable no matter the weather and makes a suitable layering option for any occasion.


100% mid-weight linen. 

Designed and made in Paris, France. 


Relaxed fit.

About The Brand:

Founded in France in 1918, Le Kasha was part of a revolution in the way the women of the 1920s dressed. It became famous for its revolutionary new fiber made with Kashmir goat hair - its elegance and beautiful drape caught the eye of Coco Chanel, who used the yarn to create her first suit collection. Today, Le Kasha's collections are still true to high-quality and pure fabrics but have expanded the range to carry cashmere, linen and silk. All collections are inspired by the spirit of travel and adventure.