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Pura Utz

Silver Flower Dream Bag


Silver Flower Dream by PURA UTZ is a petite beaded bag, designed in Copenhagen and 100% handmade with love by Mayan women at a beadwork cooperative in Guatemala, in a bid to step away from excessive production. 

Riding the wave of an Instagram generation where photogenic brands are a must have - PURA UTZ is the latest accessory label to spark hype.

An ode to retro embroidered evening bags, the main body of the bag is handwoven and the bottom part is embroidered, so the pouch doesn’t ‘collapse'. The added beauty... the handle is adjustable, so that you can wear it on your wrist or as a crossbody - practical for day-today use!

Product Measurements
11 x 16 cm
Strap Length: 90cm

Handwoven and embroidered using 54900 beads.

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