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Alighieri Leone Necklace Necklace
Alighieri Leone Necklace Necklace

Il Leone Necklace


The 'Leone' Necklace by Alighieri is a 24ct gold plated bronze pendant, crafted from an antique Venetian coin, recovered and restored with Alighieri wax in Hatton Garden, London. 

This piece draws inspiration from the first canto of The Inferno, where Dante is confronted by a lion described as so terrifying that even the air around him is trembling with fear. It is at that moment in the poem that Dante's guide Virgil appears and Dante's fear turns into courage. This medallion is a way to remember to stay courageous. 

2.1cm in diameter
5 grams
Adjustable 16/18/20 inch gold filled chain.

About The Brand:

Inspired by poet, Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’, London designer Rosh Mahtani has created a line of eye-catching, statement jewelry.  Each 24ct gold-plated design responds to the intricacies of Alighieri’s poems, resulting in a collection of charming earrings, pendant necklaces, bold rings and more.