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Modern Society Creative Abundance Set Crystals
Modern Society

Creative Abundance Set


Looking for inspiration? The Creative Abundance Set from Modern Society will have you in the mood for innovation, creation, and imagination! With UnitedOther Truly Incense Rope and Crystal set, allow yourself time to envision something remarkable! 


1 United Other Truly Rope

1 Blue Howlite

1 Green Aventurine


United Other Truly Incense Rope is handcrafted in California and contains Palo Santo, Yerba Santa and Breuzinho (sacred Breu).

•Palo Santo (Peru) clears energy and heightens creativity
•Yerba Santa (North America) also known as Holy Herb - protects, purifies and empowers
•Breuzhinho (Amazon Forest) is used in ceremonies to ward off evil spirits and create good energy

Blue Howlite will help you reduce stress and anxiety, inviting calmness in. It formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them. Tap into your inner voice and creativity.

Green Aventurine is said to be one of the luckiest crystals, bringing great luck to its owner. Make a wish, write it on a piece of paper and pop the crystal on top to help manifest it.


Incense Rope is crafted from hand-dyed and infused Nepalese paper, each small batch contains a powerful fusion of sacred woods, herbs and tree resins - filling the air with the energy you want to bring forth.

Total burn time is around 30-40 mins per rope but you can burn for 10 mins and put it out as the scent is strong enough to fill your home in just 10 mins and you can light it up again the next time.

Tumbled crystals are smooth and light, they are easy to carry, use and cleanse. You can;

- carry them in your pocket (or bra if you can!)
- put them by your bedside
- hold when meditating
- write your intention on a piece of paper and put the crystal on top


Colours and sizes of crystals vary (as they are all natural, therefore unique) and are intuitively picked per each set. Crystals are infused with clean energy ahead of shipment.

TIP: Every few weeks the crystals' energy needs to be cleansed. The easiest way to do it at home is to put them in a bowl of warm water with sea salt, leave for 10-15 minutes.


The Mind Comfort sets are currently delivered only to the UK and we cannot offer any returns on them. Thank you.