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Modern Society Energy Infused Septarian Bowl Bowl
Energy Infused Septarian Bowl
Modern Society Energy Infused Septarian Bowl Bowl
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Modern Society

Energy Infused Septarian Bowl


Hand-carved from a single Septarian gemstone. Bowls may have cracks and other  imperfections, as do all large natural stones but what's most important is that our crystals have a very clear and strong abundant energy. We will always choose pureness of the vibration over imperfection of the stone. 

Our stones are infused with reiki energy before dispatch. 

Healing properties  

Septarian is a magnificent piece of art from our Mother Nature and will fill your space with loving and nurturing energy. Septarian will help you find your balance and ease in any stressful situation, as well as enhance your ability to manifest whatever it is that you desire. This crystal is pure magic!


- Intention vessel. Write your intention on a piece of paper, fold it up and put it inside of the bowl. Magic will follow. 

- Energy infuser. What would you like to be infused with good, healing energy? Jewellery that you wear? Smaller crystals that you use? Fruits that you eat? Whatever it is, place it in the bowl overnight and pick it up next morning charged with a higher vibration that is now yours to enjoy. 

- Art object. Place this beautiful object in your home for you to receive visual pleasure from it every time you look at it. 


Utah, USA


950 grams/ 2.0 pounds