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Tigra Tigra Clamp Die Silk Skirt Skirt
Tigra Tigra

Clamp Die Silk Skirt


The 'Clamp Die Silk Skirt' by Tigra Tigra.

Hand clamp died silk skirt, cut on the bias. Elastic waistband.

Product Details:

100% silk dyed by master artisans in Kachchh. Each piece varies slightly in color and dye style.

About The Brand:

Tigra Tigra cultivates luxurious hand made, embroidered silk textiles and garments that speak to a rich history. Based out of LA and partnering with artisans in Gujarat, India designer Baily Hunter adopts centuries-old techniques to produce unique prints with divine quality. Known for her wrap dresses, pajama sets, and bold outerwear, Tigra Tigra is a low-impact, culturally traditional label to love.