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UnitedOther Destiny Intention Ritual Kit Incense

Destiny Intention Ritual Kit



Every Soul has a higher purpose — a reason for being. This life is a journey and process of remembering our purpose. Do what you love. Do what sparks curiosity and excitement. Do what makes you feel light. Do what your heart yearns for. This is your destiny. Listen to your heart and hear all the answers you seek.

Empowered by the K2 gemstone. Burn Truly to fill the air to honor your Higher Purpose. Intend, write, release and call in with the Intention Incense Papers. This Destiny Intention Ritual Kit creates the sacred space clarity of your inner vision and purpose.

CHAKRA • Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown


  • Truly Ritual Incense Ropes x 4

  • Honor Incense Paper x 1

  • Release Intention Incense Paper x 1

  • Begin Intention Incense Paper x 1

PAPER BURN TIME • 3-5 Min Per Incense

INCENSE ROPE BURN TIME • 30-40 Min Per Incense