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AZI Land Bibi Bag - White Accessories
AZI Land Bibi Bag - White Accessories
AZI Land

Bibi Bag - White


Bibi bag in White from AZI Land.

From Persian roots Bibi means "lady". The print is called Madina named after Aziza's grandmother inspired by the blossoming flowers that vine in her garden. 

About the product 

Made in 100% silk and decorated with prints specially designed for AZI Land. Created with a textile artist, the print was first hand drawn, then hand painted with gouache, and digitized to be printed on silk In Italy.

The silk bag is a small accessory that you can carry wherever you want. Developed in several stages to reach the round shape, every sample took 8 hours of meticulous work with the fabric in order to reach the needed feel and shape. The handles are made from the same fabric. 

About the brand 

Inspired by the culture of the Silk Roads, AZI Land is a collection of designer pieces with contemporary silhouettes to suit you wherever you go. AZI Land have spent hours choosing the perfect fabrics that will beautifully age with time. Individual fashion is our goal, made by a person for a person. Each garment is handmade.