Wunderkammer define themselves as an artistic laboratory, hosting the future of photographic talent. Showcasing select photographers who break boundaries and use contemporary processes in their work, they create thought-provoking limited edition prints that go beyond the visual into the scientific methods, workings, and reasoning behind their creative experimentation. Working across genres from documentary, to abstraction, to the mechanical and conceptual, they present timeless imagery to treasure, possess and share with others.

Selected works below will be on show at the next Modern Society pop-up from the 4th till 24th of December, 2014 at 172 Fulham Road, SW10 9PR. All prints are edition of 5 + 2 AP.

Vilde Rolfsen , Plastic Bag Landscapes

There is something immeasurable enticing about Vilde Rolfsen’s use of the mundane and everyday object. Scrutinizing society’s persistent throw away culture, Rolfsen constructs ‘trashscapes’ made from waste plastic bags, that subsequently conjure ethereal vistas.

“I want people to see my work and think before saying yes to a plastic bag next time they are offered one in a supermarket.” Vilde Rolfsen

Plastic Bag Landscapes
Plastic Bag Landscapes

Hortense Le Calvez and Mathieu Goussin, Underwater Sculptures

Using discarded everyday objects, Forlane 6 Studio seek to create innovative underwater sculptures.

Together, artistic French duo Mathieu Goussin and Hortense Le Calvez, photograph their work in the depths of the sea – a location they feel perfectly embodies isolation and hostility. This desolate, foreign space flawlessly compliments their artificial creations, transforming “a once stable form into a malleable and unpredictable one.” The suspension of these vast constructions summarises the growth in mass production and the waste of man-made materials that this generation too readily dismiss.

underwater 1
underwater 2

Lucy Sparks, The Solar Lottery

Photographer Lucy Sparks’ abstract definition of landscapes in her latest series, The Solar Lottery, reinvents our perception of detail. Surfaces, natural light, colour, and texture, are all lensed by Sparks to impart the heights of imagination that forms the history of each site.


Marie Rime, Symétrie De Pouvoir

Marie Rime’s multi-media compositions exude an unrivalled strength and ambiguity. A graduate from Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, Rime has gone on to showcase her work globally; her recent accolade being the 29th Festival of Fashion & Photography in Hyeres, France.

Rime’s work Symétrie De Pouvoir (2013) is highly seductive, with a mesmerizing colour palette that leaves one transfixed. Her overarching attention to geometry beautifully compliments the painterly detailing of her centerpiece: the butterfly. For Rime, the butterfly hosts a delicate yet formal quality; one that seduces the spectator, leaving him to question its inherent beauty. Both the creature and her work are equally bewitching and intriguing.

marie rime 1
marie rime 2

marie rime 3

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